Sustainable mobility for all cities.

Through interdisciplinary collaborations and cutting-edge research, we strive to address the environmental, social, and economic challenges associated with traditional mobility systems. We aim to promote and facilitate the development of innovative and sustainable transportation solutions. Our goal is to create more efficient, equitable, and sustainable mobility solutions.

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The ABC of mobility

To quantify the motorisation of urban mobility, we model the number of kilometres travelled by different modes of transport in a city by aggregating active mobility, public transport and cars.

Active mobility
travel by walking, cycling, skating and others.
Public transport
travel by bus, BRT, Metro, Tram and other shared systems.
Private cars
travel by driving, including taxis and mobility apps.


The ABC of mobility.
Rafael Prieto-Curiel,Juan P. Ospina
Environment International, 2024


We are a multidisciplinary research group. Our aim is to understand mobility patterns in cities, promote sustainable modes, such as walking and cycling, and reduce car dependency in cities.